@chanthorp is the real thing

As is now relatively well known, over the weekend, I decided to set up a twitter account, @chanthorp.  I have been looking at twitter for a long time, but if you don’t have an account, you have to type in all of the people you want to read.  I got tired of doing this.

I like twitter for news and — as @ronbilbao said in a tweet — it is a great way to keep in touch with the student pulse.  I like to go on in the evenings and weekends to see what’s up.

I could have gotten someone who knows a lot about this in News Services to plan a roll-out of the Chancellor On Twitter, but they are overworked with the budget cuts and the huge amount of news that we have to manage.  And it’s not my style.  I usually do this kind of stuff myself.

I could have set up a fake name.  But (as was picked up on by @laurelholden in her funny DTH cartoon), when your name is Holden, you can’t be a phony.

So, I went in and typed in my name and my email address and sent out a tweet.

Soon thereafter, I figured out how to turn off the emails you get when someone starts following you.

I read tweets about whether I was real.

I sent an email to the DTH that got tweeted.

The sportswriters tweeted about some of my other emails.

And now, I’m writing a blog about tweets.

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    But will you also be following @notholdenthorp?

    BTW the journos should have validated you before they started tweeting that you were there (sorta my point). Great lessons all round. And love the cartoon from Ms Holden.

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