Follow the State Tour: the Itinerary

Monday, September 29

Chapel Hill High School. Visit teacher Tom Herndon’s Authentic Research course.

Asheville. Alumni dinner.

Tuesday, September 30

UNC-Asheville. Meet with Chancellor Anne Ponder.

Asheville High School. Observe Jenny Thomas’ chemistry class, then talk with students in main auditorium.

Charlotte. Alumni dinner.

Wednesday, October 1

West Charlotte High School. See the Carolina Advising Corps in action.

UNC Charlotte. Meet with Chancellor Phil Dubois, then tour the Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI) site.

UNC-Greensboro. Meet with Chancellor Linda Brady.

N.C. A&T. Talk with Chancellor Stanley Battle.

Greensboro. Alumni reception.

Thursday, October

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UNC-Wilmington. Meet with Chancellor Rosemary DePaolo and tour campus.

Morehead City. Tour the Institute of Marine Sciences. and eat dinner with students from the institute.

Friday, October 3

Elizabeth City State University. Meet with Chancellor Willie Gilchrist.

Observe a class in the Doctor of Pharmacy program with Chancellor Gilchrist and Carolina School of Pharmacy Dean Robert Blouin

Monday, October 6

Fayetteville State University. Meet with Chancellor James Anderson.

Terry Sanford High School. Visit with students, teachers and friends.

Alumni reception. Cape Fear Regional Theatre.


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    Great blog! Rona

  2. 2
    Bob Gotwals

    The chancellor’s interest in pre-college education, especially in the sciences, is critically important for North Carolina. While there are pocket’s of excellence, like some of the ones he describes in this blog, there are still too many schools where there are not the resources for students to get a world-class education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Recognizing the many challenges Chancellor Thorp faces, let’s hope he can help UNC address this issue.

  3. 3
    jeff harrison

    very nice picture of your mother.

    i have enjoyed working with her on a number of projects over the years and think highly of her.

    please give her my best

    jeff harrison

    carolina ’73

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    Don’t quite know who to ask so I’ll start here… my wife and two children have contemplated moving to the South (She’s from Tennessee) I’m from the west and have never been to Carolina, but it’s on our list of possible places to raise a family. When will thee be another tour like the one you describe or are these ongoing. We would like to come out and get a feel for the area and university.
    Thank you!